Why I’m Starting My New Year’s Resolutions in February.

I will admit, I’m not the best at resolutions. Grand, sweeping ideas of “I’m going to lose 30 pounds this year” or “I’m going to completely revamp my budget” just don’t work for me. (Apparently, I’m not alone.) I much prefer to start my year slowly. Setting intentions, with smaller goals underneath those larger feelings, works better for me. I recognize how nerdy that is and yes, I’m a Virgo with lots of Capricorn in my chart don’t @ me.

The end of 2018 was kind of big for me. I ended a job. I started a new one. Immediately after my start date, I went on some pre-planned holiday travel. (It felt wonderful, thanks for asking.)  I started 2019 in a blend of relaxation and anxiety. It honestly feels like the world has opened up to me in a way that shouldn’t feel new, but is? Hard to explain. I hope that your new year started off exactly how you wanted it.

This week, however, we are recovering from the #polarvortex here in the Midwest (ya know, the Arctic can keep its damn winds – I don’t want them). It’s meant a lot of time spent inside, which has led to both an appreciation for radiator heating in my apartment and a lot of time to really let my imagination go wild. How do I want 2019 to feel? What are the areas of my life in which I really want to spend my time? Who do I want to meet? Where do I want to go? What do I want to learn, to accomplish? Why do I want these things?

It was too cold to set resolutions this week. #polarvortex
It was cold this week.


So I’ve come up some things that I’m looking forward to exploring. And while this methodology may not work for everyone, feel free to try it!

What I’m Using Instead of Resolutions to Guide My 2019

For 2019, I knew I wanted a few things:
– I wanted to get my financial house in order.
– Connect with the world around me.
– Create, every day if possible.
– I wanted to really figure out what health and wellness meant to me.

It’s these 4 cardinal directions that I want to center my year around, along with keeping words of how I want to feel at the forefront (a la Danielle LaPorte): Strong. Confident. Creative. Ambitious. Generous. Comfortable. Inspired.

With those feelings and wants captured, I’ve made monthly goals that will, frankly, ebb and flow in a way that feels comfortable. I want goals to be attainable, and I do want to stretch myself, but I need to make sure that I don’t try to set unrealistic expectations for myself. As an overachiever, that has been my struggle and my downfall in the past in using big resolutions.

For February, I’m focusing on 3 goals:
Blogging more. Writing something every day.
– Taking a hard look at my budget and put together a (better) plan for debt repayment.
– Doing my taxes. (#adulting)

Each of these goals helps further at least 1 cardinal direction, and also help keep my “words of affirmation” at the front. Knowing where your money goes is sexy, kids. But also, how awesome does it feel to know that you can do your taxes on your own? (Thanks Mom, for walking me through it for the first decade of me doing them.)

Here’s a challenge for you: Don’t make grand, sweeping resolutions. If you already have, get rid of them. Break it down into smaller things you can do, a month at a time. Let me know how it goes, or what strategies you have for goal-getting below!

So happy to be back, guys.


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