Hi! I’m Katy, and welcome to Saturday Spent Well. Holla!

I am a writer, based in Chicago, Illinois, and a lover of technology and holistic health. My goal is to find some balance in this digital age, without losing sight of the future, and to help others do the same. Saturday Spent Well is my digital manifestation of this goal.

Wait… how does that work? 

It starts with the ongoing conversation about mental health. I started on the path of mental health awareness in December of my senior year of college when I graced my mother with my first panic attack. After that, I hauled my mental health close to the front of my radar. I’m a firm believer that everyone’s should be, and I’m hoping this space can help.

Part of that process is understanding and revisiting my relationship with technology. I’m not about to give up my Instagram or my WebMD searches about my hives (spoiler: not cancer) because this is the world we live in. Technology has done wonderful things for us, and it’s an amazing tool. Also, cat videos are funny. However, it’s not healthy to stare at a screen all day, and I’m always going to love tactile books more.

So, gotta find balance. You with me?

Okay, but who are you?




I’m so happy you asked! During the day, I am a product owner in technology for a very cool company. Outside of my 9-to-5, I am a writer who dabbles in a fair number of things. On here, I write mostly about life through the lens of mental health and wellness, but it’s about balancing the woo with the not-woo – because our world is made of everything, and one size does not fit all.

I am, however, a historian by training, and wanted to be a forensic anthropologist (somewhere between Indiana Jones, Bones, and Minerva McGonagall) when I grew up. So I pursued what continues to make me happy – writing and learning new things about old stuff. I geek out hard over natural history museums and ancient ruins, and I still play with the idea on occasion. It’s never too late, right?

I am a cellist + general music lover, a reader, a coffee addict believer, and super close to my large, loud, independent!woman-filled Midwestern family. I lived in California for a few years and have friends, who are family, still there. My dinner party guest list includes (but is not limited to) Alan Rickman, Ken Robinson, Anthony Bourdain, E. Jean Carroll, Michelle Obama, and Yo-Yo Ma. I have a hard time with yoga and meditating, so I take walks and lift things instead. (But I’m getting better!.)

So why am I on the Internet and not in a desert somewhere? (Or Hogwarts?)

Simple. I like humans. I like talking to humans. I like humans talking to each other. We’re also in the 21st century, and could maybe use a little help with our screen time and no-screen time. I know I have trouble with it, so I figure I’d create a space for others to talk about it.

(Also, Hogwarts lost my letter. It’s canon, guys!)

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I can’t wait to get to know you. Xx

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