Katy is a writer, based in the Midwest USA, with a very cool day job in tech. She has a lot of hobbies, and Saturday Spent Well is the place to explore those hobbies. Here you’ll find posts on books (She is an avid reader), cooking, DIY, and even some productivity and mental health stuff. 

She was born in the Midwest, spent some time on the West Coast, and is now back in her home region and settling in. She is striving to make culture and mental health front and center in her life while also satisfying the ambition she has always cultivated. 

When she’s not working at the 9-to-5 or reading, she’s spending time with her dog, friends, and family and dreaming of having her own hobby farm one day. 

For business inquiries, please email kate@saturdayspentwell.com. Looking forward to working with you!